TCS Pedalers on Clean-up Day

The TCS Pedalers are committed to sustainable mobility on Clean-up Day. Do you also want to help?

To set an example against littering, the TCS Mobility Academy, with the support of the TCS Pedalers, is involved in Clean-up Day.

On Wednesday, June 1, 2022, we will organize a clean-up event in Ostermundigen with the aim of collecting as much litter lying around as possible. Afterwards, everything will be taken to the disposal yard by our TCS Pedalers and disposed of professionally.

Everyone from young to old is invited to participate. The event will take place in all weathers. Meeting point is Wednesday, June 1, 2022, at 10am at Ostermundigen train station. We will then proceed to the Schosshaldenwald (Ostermundigen).

At about 12.30h the event will end - afterwards we will offer all helpers a small snack.

For the clean-up, you should bring good shoes, practical clothing suitable for the weather, and gardening gloves (if available).

Let us know if you will be joining us:

Tel. 058 827 34 09 or nfmbltycdmych

Sammelaktion gegen Littering
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